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Nuriante & nbsp; La Donia a yearling & nbsp; (born 08-06-18) & nbsp; where sport and breeding come together in 1 mare. & nbsp;
She comes from the direct dam line of & nbsp; GGH No Limit & nbsp; (v Indoctro) and & nbsp; Grand Prix dressage & nbsp; horse & nbsp; NOP Avanti & nbsp; (v. United)
Her dam is & nbsp; Uriante & nbsp; La Donia: Star SPORT v. Numero Uno X Star pref perst v. Legate X approval pref v. Garant
Uriante & nbsp; comes from a very good breeding line. She is among others the sister of:
GGK & nbsp; Westphalian stallion & nbsp; Campari & nbsp; (1.60 under J. Laarakkers)
Jante keur pref perst (n. Purioso) - dam of
No Limit (Indoctro) GGK KWPN & nbsp ; Grand & nbsp; Prix & Triple H & nbsp; (Gran Corrado) Star Sport & nbsp; 1.60 spr
Washington & nbsp; (Lupico) designated performance test
Olyimpia & nbsp; (Indoctro) Star sport & nbsp; ZZ spr
Kadante & nbsp; stb Sport & nbsp; Z2 dress
Okki & nbsp; sport and nbsp; Z jumping
Nuriante & nbsp; her father is & nbsp; Jardonnay & nbsp; J-year champion.
She is in control every day. Sober character. Her expected height is between 166/170 cm
Photo from 11/17/2019 and from the beginning of 2019
comments via mail or Whatsapp 06-228685851 (video available)


Sire Jardonnay VDL
stb. D-OC
Sire of sire Kannan
160 cm spr.
s.s.s. Voltaire
160 cm spr.
m.s.s. Cemeta
Z spr. 130 cm
Dam of sire Duzella
prok Ibop Elite
d.s.d. Indoctro
140 cm spr.
m.m.s. Uzella
Mother Uriante La Donia
Sport (dres) ster (wffs free)
Sire of dam Numero Uno
pref. 150 cm spr
s.s.d. Libero h
pref. 160 cm spr
m.s.m. Jolanda
Dam of dam Dante
pref. prest. ster
s.d.d. Legaat
d.d.d. Uranta
pref. keur