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For Sale: Fantastic moving 2 year old Black mare.

Pedigree: Toto Jr. x Johnson x Ferro x Contango.

Current height: 1.57m / 1.58m

X-ray approved including Neck and Back.

The mare Nolicity has a great appearance. Nolicity & nbsp; has a good character and stands correctly on the legs and looks fantastic. Nolicity moves fantastic with a very good walk, very good trot and a very good canter. Nolicity is only 2 years old but moves like a big one with a lot of looseness flexibility and an extremely good hind leg! In short, a horse for the future!


Sire Heathrow
Sire of sire Der Senaat III
s.s.s. President
m.s.s. Lizette
Dam of sire Zuhr
d.s.d. Dollar de la Pierre
m.m.s. Nuhr
Mother Rolanda
Sire of dam Furore
s.s.d. Ahorn
m.s.m. Sjaloma
Dam of dam Jolanda
s.d.d. Ramiro Z
d.d.d. Felanda