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For Sale: Fantastic moving 2 year old Black mare.

Pedigree: Toto Jr. x Johnson x Ferro x Contango.

Current height: 1.57m / 1.58m

X-ray approved including Neck and Back.

The mare Nolicity has a great appearance. Nolicity & nbsp; has a good character and stands correctly on the legs and looks fantastic. Nolicity moves fantastic with a very good walk, very good trot and a very good canter. Nolicity is only 2 years old but moves like a big one with a lot of looseness flexibility and an extremely good hind leg! In short, a horse for the future!


Sire Catoki
Sire of sire Cambridge
s.s.s. Caletto I
m.s.s. Hilgunde
Dam of sire Bilda
d.s.d. Silvester
m.m.s. Vordula
Mother Dynamica van't Hulst Z
Sire of dam Diamant de Semilly
s.s.d. Le tot de Semilly
m.s.m. Venise des Cresles
Dam of dam Cleopatra van Spalbeek
s.d.d. Cassini I
d.d.d. Henrieke