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Evazelma Mare June 2008 1.64m Super sweet once-in-a-lifetime horse too buy from Uphill!

We bought Evazelma as a foal from the Scholten brothers and mr. Van Norel in Wapenveld. She is from the Zelma strain where bred on character and movement and that was from foal from already noticing her. Such a sweet and good mare everyone can travel. Little insecure children can ride with her way or follow a sitting lesson on her with no braces and reins. But also an advanced rider can ride very well with her.

Evazelma runs Z2 dressage with a profit and jumps well switches, certainly potential for more! & nbsp; She is nice to the aids and reacts very well to your sitting. Because of this, she is sometimes used to effect the effect of teaching clients make them feel, really a perfect teacher!

We do not ride or jump outside so much with her because our ambition is dressage, but she certainly likes to do this and is therefore good. Evazelma is good but no dead, you can make her as 'hot' as you want. You can everything with her, with bit or bitless that doesn't matter, with saddle or with a bareback pad, she likes everything! We also have a lot to do with the worked with her focused on the academic art of riding, also this she picks up very fine and then becomes very enthusiastic. Pieces collection then show them with ease.

Furthermore, it can only be loaded on the trailer, used to farrier, vet etc. Always neatly dewormed, vaccinated and went to the dentist. Does not have mare pranks.

Evazelma has had 2 foals with us and she is really a super sweet mother. She is also whole with her foal easy. You can easily take her away from her foal with to drive her. She gives well-built foals that are just her get character, you want 10 of them! Both descendants are still in us possession. With her and her first foal we are for the Curiosity about the foal show where the stallion has one 1st premium. The 2nd foal was a mare and exactly her mother, super character and super exercise. Easy to get pregnant and with also like very relaxed.

We are looking for a 5 star for Evazelma cottage. She would be very suitable for the transition from pony to horse or as a family horse. Not suitable for someone with a hard hand or stiff hand drives. Evazelma does not get in the way and also goes alone but away to someone who is just as fond of her as we are. & nbsp; Videos are on request with genuine interest available.
Not a problem; costs for the buyer. Higher price range & gt; 20,000


Sire Uphill
Sire of sire Oscar
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Sky Dancer
Dam of dam