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With pain in my heart I sell my sweet mare Jillz. Unfortunately, due to a back injury, I can no longer drive. I left Jillz for a while hoping it would work out, but unfortunately that's not the case. Jillz is an energetic horse and too young to retire. I hope that someone else will have a lot of fun with her.

Due to my injury, Jillz has only driven a limited amount over the past year. Last winter she was trained by someone else but she has been standing still for a while now. She is well saddled but will have to be picked up again. Because of her age (Jillz will be 6 years old in May) and the fact that she has been standing still for a while, she is not suitable for a beginner.

Last winter she also went on the trailer a few times, but she still finds this exciting. Jillz has been examined both clinically and X-ray. Re-approving & nbsp; allowed, costs for buyer. & Nbsp;

For someone who wants to put time and effort into her, Jillz is really a buddy for life. She is very affectionate and has no mare behavior. She loves attention and therefore only goes to a very good house. & Nbsp;


Sire Rousseau
Sire of sire Ferro
Dam of sire Zsuzsa
Mother Fame
Sire of dam Dancier
Dam of dam Wanessa