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For sale & nbsp;

My dear "Ko". & nbsp;

Ko is actually called Go for it M. And is a gelding. He is 1.74m and was born in 2011. He was bred by the famous stable of Mook from Alem. & nbsp;

I have owned Ko for 4 years now. Unfortunately by one personally I have to choose to sell Ko. Ko was Z ready (incl green switches) and I wanted to release it at the beginning of this year competition in this class. Unfortunately, I had an accident in January. Therefore, this is unfortunately there no longer come. Ko was released on competition by me in the class L1. With very good results (only driven price). Since my accident Ko is driven by a friend who trains him at B / L level.

Ko is a very sweet and good horse. It is not suitable for an inexperienced rider. It must be driven with feeling and a soft hand turn into. Ko has talent for the higher work where his side corridors in particular look like to jump.

I like to see Ko with someone who loves him as much as I do am. And that can offer him a home forever. It is very affectionate horse that you close in your heart with its jokes.

Ko is of course healthy and very hard on his legs. State without irons. Approval is allowed, at buyer's expense.

Asking price is € 15,000.00. & nbsp;

A recent video of Ko at the moment via the link below: & nbsp;
(If the link does not work, I can always forward it via app)

(If I cannot be reached by phone, send me an app. Try to call back asap.)


Sire Cadans M
Sire of sire Sir Donnerhall I
s.s.s. Sandra Hit
m.s.s. Contenance D
Dam of sire Tomathika M
pref Keur IBOP
d.s.d. Pion
m.m.s. Omathika M
M2 dressuur
Mother Lacenta
Sport (dr) Elite
Sire of dam Haarlem
s.s.d. Voltaire
m.s.m. Berdieta
Dam of dam Brenda
Ster pref prest
s.d.d. Farn
d.d.d. Upianne