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Azkaban R&B Z, colt Aganix du Seigneur x Querlybet Hero
Out of proven damline 
(= his oldest sister is Inebelle van 't Welthof 1.50m and his mother is the sister of TOnik Hero 1.60m)

Mother : Erlybelle van ’t Welthof (Querlybet Hero x Elegant de l’Ile)
-          out of the mare Citadine Du Cortil (1.40m) (Elegant de l’Ile x Askan De Lauzelle)
-          Citadine Du Cortil gave several foals on higher level, most known is the stallion Tonik Hero (1.60m) -          Erlybelle herself is a Querlybet Hero mare
-          Querlybet Hero (1.60m) himself is a stallion from Baloubet Du Rouet (1.60m) out of the famous mare Narcotique de Muze II (1.60m)
-          Erlybelle her oldest foal is Inebelle van ’t Welthof (1.50m)

Vader : Aganix du Seigneur (Ogano Sitte x Chellano Z)
-          Aganix du Seigneur (1.60m) jumped with Jos Lansink and was taken out of sport after injury
-          Aganix his father is Ogano Sitte (1.60m) = Darco (1.60m) out of the famous Ialta Sitte (1.60m) -          The mother of Aganix has 2 other foals on level 1.50m – 1.60m
-          Out of the oldest foals from Aginix himself : currently several competing on level 1.40m – 1.55m

Azkaban himself :
-          Stallion born on 14-04-2020
-          Big foal, smart and willing to learn
-          Beautiful appearance
-          Knows how to put the halter on and off
-          Runs smoothly on the trailer
-          Always comes towards you in the field (very curious)


Sire Aganix Du Seigneur
Sire of sire Ogano Sitte
s.s.s. Darco
m.s.s. Ialta Sitte
Dam of sire Cadix du Seigneur Z
d.s.d. Chellano Z
m.m.s. Altlanta Sitte Z
Mother Erlybelle van 't Welthof
Sire of dam Querlybet Hero
s.s.d. Baloubet du Rouet
m.s.m. Narcotique de Muze
Dam of dam Citadine du Cortil
s.d.d. Elegant de l'Ile
d.d.d. Uranie de la Tourette