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Charlie's Carbon by Cruze & nbsp; is a gray & nbsp; pinto mare yearling & nbsp; by AMHR National Champion stallion & nbsp; Caldwell's Cruise On In & nbsp ;, out & nbsp; AMHR National Top 5 mare & nbsp; Marystown Charm's & amp; Ribbons

| AMHR: 347265T | ASPC: 170266born: May 8, 2019color: pinto / gray

Mother & nbsp; Marystown Charm's & amp; Ribbons & nbsp; May 8, 2014

& nbsp; | & nbsp; AMHR | & nbsp; ASPC | & nbsp; NMPRS

Royal Spun Charmer is a so-called "Modern Pleasure" American Shetland Pony, known for their modern type and gorgeous, but not all too extreme, high step trot. & nbsp; These great genes become from her father clearly represented by her beautiful movement. & nbsp; In addition, Charlie a perfectly square balanced mounting and a nice head. & nbsp; It is no wonder she performed very successfully as a show horse in the United States, achieving several Top 5 halter positions on the AMHR National Shows in 2014 and 2015, under stiff competition in huge dumbbell classes. Charlie is from the ASPC Congress Grand Champion Stallion, Royal Spun Charmer.

Reza's Cougar by & nbsp; Cruze & nbsp; is a brown pinto filly by & nbsp; & nbsp; AMHR National Champion stallion & nbsp; Caldwell's Cruise On In & nbsp ;, from & nbsp; AMHR National Champion mare & nbsp; McCarthy's Ragtime Girl & nbsp;

| AMHR: 347268T | ASPC: 170267born: May 10, 2019color: pinto / bay

Mother & nbsp; McCarthy's Ragtime Girl

| AMHR: 323189B | ASPC: 163844 | NMPRS: 528032050323189born: July 7, 2013height: 37 inch color: solid / gray McCarthy's

Ragtime Girl, is a wonderful double registered (ASPC / AMHR) American Shetland Pony Mare. & Nbsp; Both her sire and dam were very much successful show horses that achieved AMHR Hall of Fame (HOF) status. Her further pedigree is also spectacular, because it is overrun by AMHR National Champions, ASPC Congress Champions and Hall of It is therefore not surprising that Reza is also in the show ring has been very successful. & nbsp; Already as a teat mare she won a AMHR National Champion title. In addition, she knew all the others in the same show Weaning, yearling and two-year-old mares beaten by the AMHR National Junior Champion title to win. & Nbsp; This is an almost unheard of achievement for such a young horse. Also in 2014 she achieved very good results several shows, including top-5 and top-10 positions on the AMHR National Show 2014.

Father & nbsp; Caldwell's Cruise On In

| AMHR: 319149T | ASPC: 163063born: July 25, 2012height: 37 inchcolor: pinto / black

Caldwell's Cruise On In, nicknamed 'Cruze', is a black pinto American Shetland Pony from the now much sought-after Caldwell breeding program. Because he is under 38 "tall, he is also a B-division AMHR registered American miniature horse Cruze had a very successful show career and won several shows Grand Champion titles. & nbsp; He is the 2013 AMHR National Champion Yearling Stallion and the 2013 AMHR Reserve National Champion Junior Stallions. & Nbsp; Based on a very successful AMHR National Area 4 Show 2014, he also prepared for success at the AMHR Nationals 2014, but unfortunately he had to become last minute discontinued due to illness.


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