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The tough brown blaze, PITT, with the father of the World Cup finalist Young Dressage Horses 2018/2019 Henkie (Alexandro P x Uppervile) with Adelinde Cornelissen and the mother of the very fertile & nbsp; now 20 years old provisional mare and Nat. Champion GP Tajirma van Laurentz x star Jirma van Zep x Commandant x Zwier) was born on May 1, 2020. & nbsp; & nbsp;

Pitt comes from a & nbsp; renowned fertile versatile (dressage and driving) Gelders litter, that guarantees movement, sports and a good willingness to work.
Pitt is a three-quarters brother of the reserve champion 2014 provisional judge mare Gitta-Jirma (Alexandro P) and the stallion Ampere & nbsp; approved at the ZfdP for the pony breeding & nbsp; (front, posture, knee action) stallion Ampere & nbsp; (Alexandro P).
National foal champion Charisma (Upperville) is a half brother of Pitt. Also the first & nbsp; national foal champion of Alexandro P, the & nbsp; keur mare Elvirma and an elite sport mare Bijtajirma, who is currently in the ZZ-Heavy dressage is released, his three-quarters sisters of & nbsp; Pitt & nbsp;
Pitt are also closely related to the national champion mare Lollipop (ZZL run), the international GP dressage horse Desdemona (Wah Nevertheless), the Z2 dressage sport mare Ofirma (Zep) and the ZZ-horses Sep (Parcival) and Gienirma (Alexandro P).


Sire Henkie
Finalist 2018/2019 WK Young Horses met Adelinde Cornelissen
Sire of sire Alexandro P
keur ZZZ dressuur
s.s.s. Koss (El Corona x Goudsmid)
m.s.s. Itilde (Satelliet x Uriant)
keur preferent
Dam of sire Beaujamanda
ster voorlopig keur
d.s.d. Upperville (Cabochon x Creool)
m.m.s. Jamanda (Zep x Unitas)
keur sport
Mother Tajirma
voorlopig keur
Sire of dam Laurentz
s.s.d. Bazuin (Satelliet x Gloriant)
m.s.m. Erika (Unitas x Folio)
keur preferent
Dam of dam Jirma
s.d.d. Zep (Goudsmid x Magneet)
d.d.d. Virma (Commandant x Zwier)