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€ 17500, -

Beautiful, talented 4 year old mare.
Lilly is a horse that can move very well! That is special she has a very good tact and regularity, she is also very easy to handle approach.
She has an uncomplicated, reliable and honest character.
Even children drive her way like that.
She is also good with the farrier, washing / hosing down is not a thing problem, she walks in the trailer in no time and she is also good and easy at it forest. She is also easy to ride on strange terrain!
No stable / leg defects.
She is not spooky, does not buck and reared. She is normally forward and always in the mood to do something for you!
Last year she was saddle broken in a relaxed way and a lot of time was spent on a good basis. She recently went to the dentist (passport available)
She was fully X-rayed on legs, neck and back in 2018
She is only sold by mutual click


Sire Zonik
Sire of sire Blue hors Zack
Dam of sire Romanik
Mother austria
Sire of dam United
Dam of dam MC.Call