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Daisy is a 16 year old mare and has a height from 1.54m (E-pony). Her sire is the stallion Orchard Boginov and is maternal sire Orchard Limp-Lopper. She is a Welsh pony with 1/3 Arabian blood.

Daisy is a pony with a beautiful appearance and is a top pony for a fanatic rider who wants to give her all the attention. She really is one pony for competition, no pony for a beginner. She has with the previous owner Z2 walked with the horses and she had the points to light ZZ start. I have ridden with her up to and including the M2. In the time I got her ridden fanatically, we are once reserve champion of Noord-Holland and once champion of the circuit. Furthermore, we have always scored well on matches, we always came home with profit points.

She's at the blacksmith (and turning turkeys) very good and also on the trailer and with other horses in the trailer. We have never done outdoor rides with her because my focus is on dressage training and because she is an alert pony. I have rarely done jumping with her, she thinks this fun to do and I think if you put time in this, they will can certainly be a nice jumping pony, but she has developed more like dressage pony.

Daisy has had a foal once, this pony is also doing it great fun in the competition sport.

In short, a real competition pony with which you can win the prizes to drive.

In case of serious interest in more information or / and texting a video to 0634996422. Traders do not need to respond.


Sire Orchard Boginov
Sire of sire Verona's Bo-Gi
s.s.s. Vita Nova's Celesto
m.s.s. Thrianta's Nathalie
Dam of sire Orchard Perestrojka
d.s.d. Vita Nova's Golden Boris
m.m.s. Orchard Bonne Louise
Mother Ilona
Sire of dam Orchard Limp-Lopper
s.s.d. Cocky Dundas xx
m.s.m. Upperten Golden Jeanne
Dam of dam Tamara
s.d.d. Dijkzicht's Rissaz
d.d.d. Roggel's Jolanda