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Healthy, honest, affectionate sport horse. FILARIO NADALES III. 9 yrs. PRE RUIN. 163 cm.

Recently clinically and X-ray approved incl. Spine with super good assessment. In Spain as 7 yrs. Trained to ZZ HEAVY LEVEL, incl. Piaffe, passage, switches, pirouettes and then fully approved and to The Netherlands imported. He was ruined at the age of 8

. Now confirmed again in normal riding technical bash and trained at Z level at rest, but also good piaffe in peace, etc .. Easy to ride on both snaffle and snaffle and snaffle .

No stable defects. Easy to load and unload in trailer on your own. Regularly went to other indoor riding stables, no boxer or scaffolding. Can react somewhat sensitively to a rough rider or injudicious "riding-technical rake". But otherwise normally calm, honest horse, willing to work, attentive, not dulled and to ride on light correct aids.

. Meanwhile goes on an outside ride with another horse, he likes that. But he just doesn't like that yet. Fairly roadworthy, but still needs some support from a rider with some experience. FILARIO is in our paddox or pasture for a few hours. With our other horses, but everyone SEPARATELY in their own meadow, next to each other. Filario is good at the lunging line. Doesn't need to be ridden or trained every day. Even after a short rest you can get on and drive right away

Have yourself neatly covered at the front and trimmed at the back by the farrier. Is up to date with vaccinations and worming. Checked by good chiropractor.

We believe that FILARIO, as a sport horse, is NOT suitable for beginners, people with little experience, rough or clumsy riders, anxious riders. Riders with very little balance, or who cannot yet ride with leg to hand relaxed. And certainly not for people with little patience who will quickly prepare it, they have already done that in Spain. He is also (at the moment) out of place in paddox paradise, large group of horses, or outside 24/7.We prefer a spacious stable, with paddox, piece of meadow, and horse friend next to it, perhaps shetje in it. Quiet horse-friendly environment.

. We are very selective in having a trial run at FILARIO, we first want to know more from you, as an interested party, about your experience, stable, guidance, etc. When we think that this might be a good combi with you, we invite you. For the sake of clarity: ** SALE ON THE BAZIS OF GUNNING. **

FILARIO is in a higher price category. (12,500 to & nbsp; euro 15,000) It is now parked near Hoogeveen, at our home. Movies, quotation, info etc. ONLY BY TELEPHONE. Via 06 21 22 39 40. If you do not receive an answer, or if I am working, adjusting saddles, etc., please leave your telephone number and time that I can reach you. Then I will contact you later.


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