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This is dressage pony Haasendonck's Sultan a handsome 21 year old New Forest gelding with a height at the withers of 146cm. Sultan has run 3 European Championships, one in 2007, one in 2013 and one in 2014. In 2007 (Julie van Olst) and Sultan achieved a 5th place for the Belgian team place and individually 7th place. In 2013 (Joëlle Peters with) Sultan a silver medal for team Netherlands and an individual 12th place also in 2014 this same combination for team Netherlands achieved a bronze medal and individual 13th place. I now drive it 2 year. In these two years he has taught me an awful lot. The first year I was allowed to start the NK with Sultan (in 2019) where we are in the L1 7th of the 32 participants. In 2020 I also participated with the North Holland championships where we became 4th in a strong in the M1 participants field.

Since I would like to switch to horses, I would like to sell Sultan as leather pony.

Sultan has brought me from B to Z within 2 years and I can easily do that for a few more times, with other starting enthusiastic riders. He can do all levels start and he walks it with his eyes closed. You just have to own the manage to find buttons.

Sultan will sold when there is a click between the rider and Sultan.

Sultan is in the higher price range.
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Sire Nieuwmoeds Patrick
Sire of sire Beaucandan Brandon
s.s.s. Luckington Sportaide
m.s.s. Bonny Lass of Beaucandan
Dam of sire Nieuwmoeds Anet
d.s.d. Axeen Camillo
m.m.s. Nieuwmoeds Anet
Mother Haasendonck's Kitty
Sire of dam Beyerlodge Diamond M
s.s.d. Briljant
m.s.m. Beyerlodge Maya
Dam of dam Sandra
s.d.d. Merrie Moscan
d.d.d. Monday's Miracle