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This is Annastacia (nickname Anna), a 15 year old dark brown kwpn mare of approximately 1.65 meters. Anna's father is Special D and her mother is Salsa. On August 24, 2018, I was appointed the new owner of Anna by means of a purchase agreement. Anna has always had good housing and care with the old owner, but due to circumstances she had to make a difficult choice. Anna was presented for an orthopedic examination in March 2015. She was not running well on the right front. Research has shown that she had a long toe on the right front and a lower heel. In April 2015, for control intra-articular treatment of the right front bullet with SAIDs. Anesthesia has been performed, report to be requested. With a good farrier, straight aim and a lot of patience, standing leg to the right front can improve. She runs RAD. The legs are nice and dry. & Nbsp; Anna is not a beginner's horse. She is sensitive and responds very well to leg / aids. She is easy to ride. I am looking for a rider with a quiet seat and who has experience. She's sensitive, it's not a horse you put on a saddle and ride off. She can sometimes "dance" around the stool when taking off. Anna can be "hot" in wind. She is honest in handling but seeks confirmation. Driving backwards in transitions has to be done with the hindquarters, she sometimes finds that difficult. Anna likes to work for you, but there is a side note. You take the time to build up the driving, if you go too fast or ask too much of her, there is a possibility that she will not run completely smoothly. In itself, Anna has little trouble with this, but as soon as we drive her and put stress on her body, skew can become a problem. She has great movements and walks very well. Anna is also roadworthy but would rather have a buddy on the road. & Nbsp; With patience, trailer loading is no problem. My only experience with driving a long distance, only on a trailer, is not my preference. Anna injured her head in the trailer on the ride from the old owner to (Me) Groningen. She was restless on the trailer. She stands quietly on a trailer, when another horse is standing next to it. & Nbsp; We are looking for a house where she can still be ridden recreationally with the right rider or used as a broodmare. She will also do well with Monty Roberts or the freestyle of Emiel Voest method. & Nbsp; She walks behind you everywhere.


Sire Special D
PSG/inter I
Sire of sire Metall
PSG/inter I
s.s.s. Ferro
Grand Prix dres
m.s.s. Edelweis
Dam of sire Haafke
B-spr/1.00m, B dress ster pref
d.s.d. Zandigo
m.m.s. Aafke
Mother Salsa
Pref vb
Sire of dam Blanc rivage xx
s.s.d. Riverman xx
m.s.m. Tour blanche xx
Dam of dam Iliza
s.d.d. Actueel
Z2 dress
d.d.d. Celiza
Z-spr/1.30m, z1 dress