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Very talented 11 year old quality 'new sports type' Hanoverian mare. Comes from a line with many good sport horses. Good saddle break, excellent flatwork. Lots of movement and easy to ride. Nice horse in handling and work.

Avella B, black and sturdy mare with great front and back movements. Avella B measures a height of 1.67m. She is very well-behaved, good with blacksmiths, walker, and excellent in handling.
She needs (her "brain") to be outdoors a lot and she needs space to move around (bigger paddock). She loves to move around. She is rather quick tempered, so fresh air and space will tire her mind in a “right” way. She gets moody without enough training and brain work. 
She is 100% healthy body and mind horse, if treated with love, she's a kitten. Avella B is a horse for an advanced rider and not suitable for beginners, if treated “wrong” she is not afraid to show it (beginner looses hard, advanced rider wins with wisdom). She would be perfect for an experienced amateur who is calm but firm leader.

Avella B was breed in Germany (Peter Biebrich) and bought from Verden, Hanoverian auction at 2013. She has only had one owner since and has been loved and cared for with passion.

Avella B is equally good in dressage and jumping but I feel that dressage is in her soul, she's eager to learn new things / tricks and is very quick in learning overall. She's very easy to handle in flatwork, she's sensitive and good listener. Tiny “instructions” are enough, she's well ridden.

As Avella B was bought for own pleasure, she only attended at 2 dressage competitions 2014 (with less than a month of "dressage" work). She got 61,970% in L5 and 71,000% in NH5-3. With dedicated rider, Avella B can go far, high levels in dressage.

Even though her jumping style is sharp and quick, her technique is excellent. She's very “clean” jumper. Still, for jumping she needs skilled, steady, and advanced rider.

Avella B has a best friend 'D pony' Helis (stick size with shoes 140cm), born 2005. The pony is a schoolmaster in jumping, has competed a lot, up to 110cm. This pony LOVES to jump, just show the obstacle and there she goes. Perfect character, very trusting (no stubbornness, only good will and open mind to everything), no bad habits what so ever. The pony would suite perfectly even for eventing, has done cross county and dressage as well. The pony is bombproof and suitable even for a loving-caring beginner. Preferably the horses are sold together - they are very best friends. Pony's price 15'000€

Will be sold only to 5* home.
The price is negotiable.


Sire Avagon
Acorado II
Sire of sire Acorado II
Acord II
s.s.s. Acord II
Ahorn Z
m.s.s. Doreen XIII
Corrado I
Dam of sire Etoile
Escudo I
d.s.d. Escudo 1
m.m.s. Espri
Calypso II
Mother Gaia
Sire of dam Glückspilz
s.s.d. Gardestern I
Dam of dam Goda
s.d.d. Garibaldi II