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Due to too little time and study:
Jumping mare of just 13 years old Acolino x Lincoln x Indoctro, horse can jump incredibly well.
Jumps obstacles of 1.40 m with ease. With the right rider who can give her confidence, Copala can go a long way. I cannot give her this confidence, which is why I did not show her much in competition.
Copala has an interesting dam line where several horses jump 150+!
Copala has a small heart and needs a certain rider, this rider will then find the right buttons with her. Is good to deal with and enjoys attention.
Copala cannot be tied to a pole, this is better in the trailer. When Copala is fed she becomes nervous and starts to walk.
Is full of temperament but not mean at all.
Is good with the farrier.
Horse has not been officially measured. + -164 & nbsp; cm
Always vaccinated and dewormed every year.
Very suitable as broodmare or surrogate mare, is a good mother. Also had a foal here.

Clinically and radiologically good.
Definitely not suitable for a novice or insecure rider!


Sire Acolino
Sire of sire Acorado
s.s.s. Acord II
m.s.s. Doreen XII
Dam of sire Daletta
d.s.d. Latus II
m.m.s. Zaletta III
Mother Topala
Sire of dam Lincoln
s.s.d. Gracio
m.s.m. Hindine
Dam of dam Opala B
s.d.d. Indoctro
d.d.d. Katrina