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The brown-black Pegasus has an appealing appearance with a very good walk, elastic trot and powerful canter. Sire Vivaldi Elite is the sire of 5 Pavo-cup champions and of GP dress horses Cennin, Desperado, Dreamboy, Expression. Mother Bobeliska van Obelisk (LT dress), father of 2-time World Cup champion Asterix. Obelisk of Matador (GP dress) winner of the WB final dress. Grandfather is Harpsichord GP dress. Granddam Uglendela ster is from Glendale grandfather of Totilas. Elisabeth DZ (Z1 dress) from Uglendela. Great-grandmother is Kalimne ster pref sport (semifinals Pavo 4 and 5 yrs, Z dress at 7 yrs. From dam line ao Happy Lady (INT GP), Prego (INT GP) Nanou (NED ZT) Royal Lady (NED LT) Semper (NED MT) and Lambourghini (NED LT) In basic sport: Aristohorse (Z dress USA), Hadassa DZ (M1 dress), Valesca (M1 dress. And L spr.) Also the show jumpers Wait & amp; See ZE (INT CCI2) and Evalesco DZ (INT 1.30) Several offspring from the dam line present Pegasus has the D-OC predicate.


Sire Vivaldi
Elite, pref
Sire of sire Krack C
s.s.s. Flemmingh
m.s.s. Gicara II
keur pref prest
Dam of sire Renate-Utopia
ster, pref, prest, D-OC
d.s.d. Jazz
m.m.s. Darla-Utopia
ster pref prest
Mother Bobeliska
Sire of dam Obelisk
s.s.d. Matador
m.s.m. Kida
ster prest
Dam of dam Uglendela
s.d.d. Glendale
d.d.d. Kalimne
ster pref sport (dress) Z2