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Dressage horse / Allrounder / Recreation horse & nbsp;
Westenwind x Lennard

Flynn is a very sweet horse, crazy for attention and always cheerful. Farrier, trailer loading, dentist, other horses, up and down the pasture, he loves it all and there is no harm in it.

Flynn walked back a few years in the M2 Dressage. He will be able to do this level again in no time, although the right buttons have not been found immediately. & Nbsp;
He has been jumping regularly for 3 months and he likes this! He certainly has the potential for it but

a convincing rider because he still doubts himself. & Nbsp;
He only likes the forest / beach and is very reliable in this. In a busy group he likes it a bit more fun, then he likes to hold a “who-can-the-highest-buck” competition.

We think he can be labeled as the best recreational horse, because he quickly overloads touches. The many jumping and dressage lessons turned out not to be for him because he is not & nbsp; very strong & nbsp; in his hindquarters. I myself have competition ambitions, so unfortunately we are looking for another place for him.

Flynn only goes to a place where we have the right feeling, we are very attached to him. Traders and riding schools do not have to respond
Preferably where he is in contact with other horses and where he can be outside during the day

X-rays and clinically complete approved in May, X-rays can be sent to you

For interest / more info or & nbsp; jumping / dressage / beach movies
app +31 6 17622523
Price includes & nbsp; dressage saddle and Wintec versatility saddle


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