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🇪🇸❤️CHUPA CHUPS❤️🇪🇸 Chupa Chups is a true Barbie horse in life size, he has a beautiful long mane, blue eyes and a cream-colored coat. He is a stallion of 1.64m tall and 6 years old. He has 3 correct gaits and absolute potential for the sport! He is in possession of a CDE paper (PREX Riding Horse). He is very sweet and well behaved! Loves attention and good kisses. He is good at the cleaning place to be nicely brushed and washed, he is also good with saddles. It is easy to grab and walks neatly with you. Under saddle he is also very good, has a neat basic walk, trot and canter and walks neatly. He really likes to work and learns very quickly! He is not hot / shiver. We think chupa is not yet suitable for a novice rider as he is a stallion. You won't be bothered by this except for a whinny at the pretty ladies. Just stand next to a mare in the stable and this is fine! We also think he is suitable for the sport he has the right character and attitude for this. It is completely healthy and free from defects. He is good at transport, at the blacksmith and on strange terrain. In short, a very handsome eye catcher that you will have a lot of fun with and make heads turn! 🥰


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