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We work on the basis of tranquility - respect - regularity - trust!

The well-being of your horse or pony is paramount when saddling and training. In our stable, the 3Rs are very important: peace, cleanliness and regularity.

In addition, we train your horse or pony based on respect and trust and especially on relaxation, because only then can a horse learn and remember something
It is very important that you can 'read' a horse and that no mistakes are made in its training. & nbsp;

We have a fixed concept of how we saddle up horses. See the video. We always start with groundwork and the lunge. But if your horse already knows the lunge, this will speed up the process. & Nbsp;

In consultation with you, it is determined to what extent your horse should be saddle-broken and what he should know.
Some customers only want a steering wheel and a brake, other customers want him to be able to make a small jump, for example. Every week we make videos of his progress and forward them. Usually the horses go home again between 4-8 weeks. & Nbsp;

Most customers like to come and ride with us once or a few times before bringing their horse back home .

You would like to sell your horse or pony but you do not have enough time, knowledge and / or experience, then you can let us take care of the sale of your horse or pony.

What does our sales mediation entail in short: of course we train your horse in an expert manner. We also provide marketing: a professional photo shoot, sales film, advertisements and social media. And we maintain contact with customers and drive your horse / pony. We also draw up a contract and maintain weekly contact with you about the progress. & Nbsp;

Your horse is ridden or lunged 4-5 times a week, in addition, the horses go every day in the walker, paddock and / or meadow. We feed hay 4 times a day and concentrates 3 times a day.

Because every day your horse is here it costs you money, we charge a weekly price. Rates per week excl. 21% VAT:
Pony € 125.00 per week
Horse € 150.00 per week

Saddle-breaking video:
https: or check out our youtube channel Kampinga Stables.