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A real Gelder stallion.
2.5 years old, date of birth: 14-4-2018

Is a real fun challenge for an experienced rider who would like to participate in the all-round sport. & Nbsp;
Must still being trained but knows lunging and saddle on and the bridle. & nbsp;
Also has experience with blankets. & nbsp;

Naveron will become a versatile horse as he is well built. & nbsp;
He has a good trot and canter.

He walked in last year's inspection and came forward well. only remark is that he has a steeper hoof on the right front, which is absolutely not in his way as he was the best jumper of the group.
It is a real horse with a luxurious and beautiful appearance, which makes him not in dressage. will look out of place. & nbsp;
He is still a stallion and therefore has temperament, but once he is gelded I expect it to be a calmer horse with a healthy dose of energy.

Approval costs buyer.


Sire Henkie
Sire of sire Alexandro p
STB Keur
s.s.s. Koss
STB preferent
m.s.s. Itilde
STB keur preferent
Dam of sire BEAUJAMANDA, 2006
STB ster, voorlopig keur
d.s.d. Upperville
m.m.s. Jamanda
STB keur sport-(dr)
Mother Verona
Sire of dam Galant
s.s.d. Theoloog
m.s.m. PARELSTRAUM, 1974
STB ster preferent
Dam of dam Garona
STB keur
s.d.d. Proloog
STB preferent
d.d.d. Barona
STB keur