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Offered: Talented 8 year old gelding

born: March 13, 2013

Imondro is a super cool big gelding of almost 8 years old. & Nbsp;
He has had plenty of time to grow and is completely ready to really get to work. & nbsp;
From his third under saddle and from that time he has ridden about 3 times a week. & nbsp;
Has not competed very much at a competition. Ran L1 and L2 with ease, is now & nbsp; M1 classified and after that no longer competed at competitions. & Nbsp;

Expanded from spring 2020. is about 1.79m.
It stood still for several months last year due to lack of time. This is because of my work. & Nbsp;
This is also the reason for the sale. It is not a recreational horse. He has too much character and talent for this. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Has been in & nbsp; professional training at stal de Voor departure. & nbsp;

He does this very well. He's running at M level, needs some confirmation. Now after a month already a big difference. Muscles loosen up, loosens up in his body. & Nbsp;

Imondro has much more talent and is still a long way from learning. & Nbsp;
A fantastic horse in handling. A lovely hug with humor. & Nbsp;
Under the saddle a hard worker with more than enough enthusiasm. & Nbsp;
He enjoys the training at the lead. Always looking forward to it. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

It is not a beginner's horse. & Nbsp;

A horse for an ambitious talented rider who wants to progress in the sport. & Nbsp;

Easy to load, at the farrier's, wash, hose down. & nbsp;
Can also be taken on an outdoor ride. Both alone and with another horse. & Nbsp;

Has been x-rayed. Has a loose fragment in the bullets. Not a problem for the sport. Renting is allowed; kk

Asking price; € 9750, -

For more information please call: Barber Smit; 0629240602


Sire Apache
Sire of sire Ub 40
s.s.s. Olivi
Dam of sire Tolanda
Elite preferent
d.s.d. Krack C
Mother Viandra D
Keur, sport
Sire of dam Hamlet
Dam of dam
s.d.d. Gribaldi