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This holsteiner mare (+/- 170cm) is a daughter of a state prämie mare from holsteiner (mother is a quinar from quidam de revel). So she comes from a prestigious Holstein line which makes her very interesting as a broodmare.

& nbsp; We bought her from the breeders when she was almost 5 years old. She had not been saddled and had never been lunged. So she had a lot to learn. When she was 4 years old, she gave birth to a beautiful son by her breeders. This son was recently sold to Germany. (see last photo: her son is on the left and she is on the right.)

When we bought her we had x-rays taken and they were all good. We have always treated her with the best care and she has always been very healthy. She has a lot of energy. She is fun to drive because she already knows a lot and is easy to load. She likes human attention and cuddling. She is also very good at shaving. She even likes it. Last year we mainly concentrated on dressage competitions. She is very talented for this. Several people at dressage show asked for her pedigree because they liked her gaits and has a beautiful appearance. She also had some very good results. She can also jump. She is not afraid and jumps everything. She is also very careful. She has great technique with her front legs. We mainly did a lot of practice matches with her, she started her training late, but was able to grow well because of this and certainly never been overloaded. She is still improving. Videos available upon request of dressage competitions / training and Jumping courses. Price: (& gt; € 15,000). Only serious and interested people who can offer her a good home.

This holsteiner mare is a daugther of a state prämie stute or holsteiner. So she's coming from a prestigious holsteiner tribe which makes her also very intersting for breeding. & Nbsp; We bought her as an almost 5YO. She wasn't broke and even never lunged so she had a lot to learn. At her 4Y she had a beautiful son that has been sold recently to Germany. (see last picture: her son left and she's right.) When we bought her, we made x-rays and they were all good. We treated her always with the best cares and she's been always very healthy. She has a lot of good energy. She's easy to load and likes cuddling and beeing shaved. & Nbsp; Last year I mostly did dressage competitions. She is also very talented for this because different people already asked what her pedigree was because they likes her and she also had some good results. & Nbsp; She can also jump. She's is not afraid and jumps everything. She is also very carefull. She has a super technique with her front legs. & Nbsp; She lately started with her education at 5y but is still becoming better. So progression is still possible. & Nbsp; Videos available. * Only serious and interested people that could offer her a good home. Price: € 15,000 & lt;


Sire Castelan II
Sire of sire Cassiro I
s.s.s. Casini I
m.s.s. Generation H
Dam of sire Gracia III
d.s.d. Sandro
m.m.s. Werona
Mother Verone
Sire of dam Quinar
s.s.d. Quidam de revel
m.s.m. Adele
Dam of dam Ombila
s.d.d. Acorado