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Since I have no ambitions to breed a foal every year, I am selling this handsome mare. ) In 2019 we got a very nice foal from Ferguson, now in foal to Le Formidable. (May 2021) (last photo) / 1668921 / inti-warra

As a young horse, a fast mare that is easy to ride. At the age of 4.5 she had an injury (due to trauma), since then she has not been ridden in the sport. Clinically sound and okay in the photos, but under the saddle she no longer functions as a sport horse. We suspect that she suffered damage to a vertebra or spinal cord due to trauma. She can still be ridden recreational dressage, but she is unsuitable for the "real work". Inti is an honest, sweet mare, but strong character. Very sweet and caring towards her foal. Also a very affectionate mare towards humans.

In my opinion suitable for someone who is looking for a good broodmare, someone who wants to work with her recreationally, someone who is looking for a sensitive coaching horse. Preferably someone who wants to combine things. She is not sold as a 100% riding horse.

Experience with horses of strong character Is required, as well as & nbsp; a spot with other horses & nbsp; and & nbsp; daily outdoor grazing. & nbsp;

I lunge her myself, do groundwork, and ride her a few times per week on a recreational level. I sell her with or without a foal. If we keep the foal ourselves, she will stay with us at least until October. Insemination with a stallion of your choice is of course possible from May / June.
A lot is possible in consultation with the right match. Price is excl. Foal. In consultation also including foal for sale. & Nbsp;
She is not in the way, so long-term agreements are certainly possible.


Sire Zhivago
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Liza
Sire of dam Lancet
Dam of dam