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Hello, I am S-Chloë Elisabeth everyone calls me Chloe. I like people around me, I don't like it that much only. I get along well with other horses and like to make friends. I'm very curious and likes to learn new things. I am almost three years old. I live with my owner in Oud-Heverlee but I am always looking for adventure and if I have to move for that, I don't mind. My owner says always that I have a very good pedigree. She really says that to everyone, me think she likes to brag about me. When my owner talks about my good ones pedigree I keep hearing the same names Landgraf 1, Contender, Landor S and Centurion. Landor S would be my grandfather and Centurio my daddy and the rest are sitting also in my Family, but then I am usually no longer listening. If you think you might want to become my new owner, don't hesitate to contact my owner.
Greetings and maybe see you next,


Sire Centurio
Sire of sire Cassini 2
s.s.s. Capitol 1
m.s.s. Wisma
Dam of sire Flavia
d.s.d. Calvados 2
m.m.s. Oktavia
Mother La Condria
Sire of dam Landor S
s.s.d. Landadel
m.s.m. Fureidia
Dam of dam Riconda
s.d.d. Contender
d.d.d. Ricarda