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BEAUTIFUL brown almost 6 years old (born in June 2015) ALLROUND gelding, female horse of 1.60. It is suitable for recreational & amp; has potential for competitive sports!

He is SUPER LIEF in handling, loves cuddling and brushing. He is also sociable towards other horses, dogs and cats.

Under saddle he knows the basics, in walk he is already quite nimble with his head, not in trot and canter yet, he is VERY LEARNING!
He also jumps obediently under the saddle, pulls BEAUTIFUL towards the jump, jumps LARGE over it, he also likes to do that very much.
(Not tried higher yet, because I don't dare since I am not a show jumper).

He is good on strange terrain, however, he is NOT suitable for beginners, he has to be ridden further and he is a thoroughbred. & nbsp; He is very sensitive in his mouth and on he finds the aids and new things exciting. He therefore needs a calm and confident rider. Unfortunately, I am not the good matches with him, so I am now looking for a new good spot for him. & Nbsp;
He walks VERY EASILY a trailer or truck is then neatly stopped on the way.

He is completely healthy, was fully clinically approved in December 2020, was always dewormed and vaccinated on time. It is stored in Marssum (near Leeuwarden) price: & nbsp; € 5500
E.V.T. his accessories can be taken over for a & nbsp; more price & nbsp ;: Dressage saddle + € 500, & nbsp; more accessories in consultation


Sire Sir Percy
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam Hernando
Dam of dam