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For our 12 year-old New Forest pony Palderhove’s Jochem we are looking for a 5 stars address. Jochem's attunement is Oosterbroek Francois x Burley Moonriver x Molhedens Tajo and the height is 1.475. Jochem was born with us and is trained by our daughters, of course we only say goodbye to Jochem if we are sure that he will get a very good address. We want this too be able to judge for yourself. Traders do not have to respond to this ad. Despite Jochem M Springen is classified, we see in him more of a dressage pony than one jumping pony. That has to do with the fact that he is something for the higher show jumping sport lacks temperament. In addition, Jochem has a tendon injury in the pasture contracted about two years ago. We got it in the last year veterinary clinic in Wolvega and he is complete after rehabilitation declared cured. Jochem is gold honest and good with jumping, dressage and during an outdoor ride. Also for one less experienced rider, Jochem is a fine and reliable pony and can do just fine course & nbsp; jump on a bit lower level. We are ourselves more focused on show jumping and that's why Jochem doesn't have much competitions in dressage, but we expect him to participate is extremely suitable for its beautiful exterior. & nbsp; Jochem is now fully back in training for dressage alone he has not yet run any competitions through Corona. Unfortunately Jochem sheds in the summer. With a suitable blanket and proper care this is well under control, but it does require consistent attention.

Asking price is € 6,000.00
Inspections allowed at buyer's expense


Sire Oosterbroek Francois
Sire of sire Brandy
Dam of sire Oosterbroek Felice
d.s.d. Mermaids Jeroen
m.m.s. Oosterbroek Arthur
Mother Polsbury Petit Pain
Sire of dam Burley Moonriver
s.s.d. Merrie Momksilver
m.s.m. Knightwood Clary
Dam of dam Polsbury Papaya
s.d.d. Molhedens Tayo
d.d.d. Polsbury Palentina