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Weatherby, also known as Bibi, is a youthful sport pony 7 years old and 1.50 high. Bibi is originally from Ireland and is now a thing more than a year in the Netherlands. We know how she had it in Ireland not, but at least it was very bad that made Bibi suck his air. This is not a limitation on her current health, she is eating well & nbsp; and she has no stomach ulcers. & Nbsp; When she came to us she was very thin, untrained and quite a bit afraid of people. Now she has been with us for a while and is doing very well. She loves to cuddle, brush and tickle, is round and healthy and takes it ride better and better. Because of her past she likes driving tension, but that is getting less every day. Bibi has a lot of potential for the sport and can make a jump, but has to be picked up again. She would are suitable for breeding eventing ponies, because they are thoroughbred is. Bibi likes riding outside with other horses, she is not frightened.

We are looking for a good home for Bibi. An experienced and not afraid rider is of interest to her. A good home is more important than sell quickly. Bibi continues to be trained quietly, such as driving matches, as long as it is with us. She is neatly wormed, vaccinated and to the been a dentist.


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