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This handsome boy is looking for a 5 * house.
He has a height of 148 cm (big D) and will turn 14 in April. Dorus (nickname: Dory) has always been good at the vet, dentist, physiotherapist, etc. He is usually also good with the farrier, if the farrier himself is also calm and not in a hurry. Dorus has recently been vaccinated and trimmed, the farrier comes by every 6 weeks. He is ahead on irons. Dory has no details, such as eczema or stable vices! He hasn't been on the trailer for a while, but from our experience he picks up on this quickly.
He is a calm and good pony, he actually likes everything. Anyone can ride it off, it adapts to the rider. He is also easy to get along with other horses and can therefore easily be placed in a new herd. He cannot stand alone very well and he also goes alone to a house with other congeners.
Dorus is a pony who is eager to learn, but he needs a consistent rider who will work with him when the competitive sport is to be picked up again.
He is traffic-free, but only (without other horses) outside in new places can make him a little insecure. After all, this can be built up very well by first practicing with another horse. He likes to cross around outside and grab some tree trunks.
The aids are good and he knows exercises up to and including M dressage, but these have not yet been confirmed. I myself have not ridden many competitions with him, because my passion lay elsewhere. He was good at a competition and always did his best. He is therefore good on new (competition) terrain.
He is also spring bred. We did this a lot in the beginning and he always enjoyed doing this. The last year and a half we have mainly focused on dressage, so jumping should be picked up again. They will certainly get far with the right rider!
There are also principles of freedom dressage and we regularly do groundwork Everywhere it is a super good pony, which everyone can ride away with. He will never take a step wrong. See the attached video for all courses.
I respond the fastest to messages, so if you have any questions and / or interest, be sure to send a message!


Sire DOST 2
Sire of sire STREPET OX
s.s.s. TOPOL OX
Dam of sire TEN
d.s.d. EGOIST
m.m.s. TROPA
Sire of dam KANSHEBBER
s.s.d. KRIMH OX
Dam of dam ASTRID