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This handsome gelding is a son of Netto, grand prix dressage with Anne van Olst, (Negro x Purioso) and Aureline van de guldennail (from the Faline line of Julien Thijs). She is the half-sister of QuickSilver, who released Jeannette Haazen in the grand prix. Jerr is 7 years old and measures 169 cm. It is a reliable and affectionate horse. Sometimes a bit scary & nbsp; but easy to drive on. He never gets naughty, does not buck or rears. He has 3 fine gaits and has a calm and cooperative character. Knows the exercises of M level: shoulder in, half passes, counter canter, flying canter change (not yet 100% confirmed) Jerr is also suitable for less experienced rider or Amazon. He has, due to circumstances and the Corona, no competition experience yet, but is ready to compete. No stable or other defects, easy at the blacksmith, vet, dentist and on the trailer. 3/9/2018 it is x-ray (perfect) approved. Over-approval is allowed, at the expense of the buyer. For more information and video: (only) GSM +32460950809


Sire Netto
Sire of sire Negro
Dam of sire Natalisa
Mother Aureline van de gulden nagel
Sire of dam Timbel van de gulden nagel
Dam of dam Orfaline