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From 1 June we have 4 places available in our training stable!
Location: Region Utrecht / Gelderland

- Saddle-breaking
- Correcting
- & nbsp; Training / training
- Show at dressage competitions

Clarity, transparency, trust, patience and quality are the characteristics that characterize me as a person.

I am Shalana Duiveman , 23 years old and 16 years of experience in equestrian sports. As long as I can remember I have always been busy with horses. How does the horse react, why does the horse react in a certain way, but above all; how do we solve something, and how do we achieve the best result together with the horse.

I myself am specialized in dressage up to class Z2, and I have broken, corrected and trained various horses. The crazier the horse, the more my hands start to itch. Where someone else can no longer find the light and confidence, I always give the horse the space and time to grow in both confidence in people and pleasure in riding. In addition, the mental and physical health of the horse is number 1 at all times.

In my drive and passion I train horses as well as possible, after which I can safely return them to the current owner with the right mindset and guidance, because let's be honest ... Everyone animal deserves a fair start!

Please feel free to contact me for more information and a no-obligation conversation to discuss your wishes and options.