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King van Ravensbos
7 years (25-05-2013)
Height at the withers 1.70m

King is a large, dark brown BWP gelding of 7 years old. & Nbsp;

In King is a very well behaved, sweet and calm horse. He can alone on the meadow, alone in the paddock, walks straight into the trailer or truck and is super quiet in the stable. King is also friendly to other horses and can therefore also together on the pasture. You can brush and bun him for hours, he loves all this. Stands quietly and patiently at the cleaning place. He is also good with saddles. Left side or right side nothing matters to him. & Nbsp;

King is not suitable for an insecure or inexperienced rider! While riding King is a sensible horse with 3 correct gaits. Dressage wise he is M1 + 6 and recently released in L1 (+8). During the training, elements from Z are taken along and he picks up on this very well. However, he can be fiery and shoot away, making him really too much of a horse for me. This is also the reason for the sale. & Nbsp;

He does not turn his hand to jump. He has never refused with me and always jumps. But in this too he can become fiery. In free jumping he certainly shows potential for more! & Nbsp; & nbsp;

He is very reliable on the outside. Does not look at or around large and small traffic. He is very good in the lead and also on the beach, in the forest and on bridle paths etc. He is well-behaved. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

He is also familiar with the Freestyle method of Emiel Voest. He is great at the aids in loosening, earthworks and the double long lines. He is also good in driving position and shows good exercises in this. & Nbsp;

King is clinically and radiographically approved (02/30/2020). Photos and inspection report are available. Over-approval is allowed (Costs for the buyer). His teeth are maintained and checked annually. He recently went to a physiotherapist and a chiropractor for maintenance. He has been to the farrier very recently and is also very good. He is also always neatly wormed and vaccinated on time. & Nbsp;


Sire Sibald van Ravensbos
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Sire of dam
Dam of dam