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For sale because of young recruits:

& nbsp; Talented 10-year-old temporary KEURmare. & nbsp; Quality Time x Celano. & nbsp; Stem size 166 cm. Xontgonologically tested in December 2014. Clinically tested in December 2018. & nbsp; Golvé is a keur mare who already showed a lot of talent as a young horse on the studbook inspection. Mother Olve, a keur, sport jumping mare with father Celano. Golvé is mainly used as a broodmare and now has 3 talented ones had foals. We also bought her as a broodmare. One foal born in June 2019 is in our possession. Golvé is a caring mother and easy going. If She was presented at the studbook inspection in Varsseveld for 5 years old. Achieved here she nice points 80 for jumping. Golve's half-sister is walking currently jumping 1.30m. & nbsp;

We have Golvé last year brought back under saddle. She handles this well. She shows a lot of power on the jump and has a fine way of galloping with them shows a lot of print. We also took her to training sessions and practice jumping (movies are available). She takes this very easily and well on and is certainly ready for a BB / B trail. Corona has little given opportunities to further develop this good in competitions. Golvé has a temperamental character character and needs a rider with patience and a gentle hand. & nbsp; She is not suitable for an insecure rider or amazon. Golvé interacts with others horses very well behaved and docile. Road rides and traffic are no problem. Sometimes Golvé wants to eat after dinner (minimal) air suction. & nbsp;

Asking price 8500 euros, collected in Eefde. If you are seriously interested, please call or app to 0648518129 or 0653804931.


Sire Quality Time
1.60 springen
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Olve
1.35 springen
Sire of dam Celano
1.60 springen
Dam of dam