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Beautiful long-legged gray colt for sale.

Mother is a ZIROCCO BLUE mare who herself ran up to 1m35. She has been taken out of the sport for breeding. Nice and good mare with a top mentality in the course. Her dam ZYRA P has run 1M40 herself and is a CORLAND mare. The father and grandfather of ZYRA P (CORLAND X WAGENAAR) both ran 1m60.

Zirocco Blue himself jumps at level 1m60 and is very popular at the moment. both parents of Zirocco (MR. BLUE & LICORNE DES FORETS) ran at level 1m40-1m60.

Mazino's father is the well-known Mr. Uno-k van't Kattenheye who now performs at top level under the saddle of the Philippaertsen (1m40). He is a descendant of Numero Uno who jumped at 1m55 level and Kannan who also performed at 1m60 level.

In short, this is a foal with a top pedigree of which we have great expectations. He is offered for sale because we are a starting breeding farm and do not have the ability to grow everything with us.
Photo 2 is a simulation of his studbook paper. He falls in the middle to higher price range given his pedigree. No nonsense bids.

Added both video of father and mother.


Sire Mr. Uno-k van't Kattenheye
Sire of sire Numero Uno
s.s.s. Libero H
m.s.s. Jolanda
Dam of sire Eloubet van de Doorndonkhoeve
d.s.d. Kannan
m.m.s. Aloubet van de Doorndonkhoeve
Mother Gitana Blue
Sire of dam Zirocco Blue
s.s.d. Mr. Blue
m.s.m. Licorne Des Forets
Dam of dam Zyrah P
s.d.d. Corland
d.d.d. Odien R