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Name: Cooper (Coolreagh Lad)
Age: 10 years (16-05-2011)
Stick size: 1.45 m
Breed: Connemara Pedigree: Capparoe Lad x Glencarrig Finn

Cooper is a talented Connemara jumping pony with a heart of gold. Because of his past a fearful pony, both in handling and riding (with riding he shows flight behaviour). Despite his fearful behavior, Cooper will do anything for you!

He likes to jump and ride in the woods, but he also always puts his best foot forward with small children and anxious riders with groundwork exercises such as loosening up, groundwork, double long lines, lunging.

He conquered everyone's heart between his work. How can he work with small children and fearful riders when he is a fearful pony himself? Because despite his fearful behavior, he always does what he is asked to do. Riders often find it pathetic that he is so afraid and are often extra sweet and calm to him. He likes this and shows this with all the love he gives.

Cooper also participates in horse-dog lessons at a dog school, he then works (also under saddle) with dogs that show drifting behavior or bark out of fear. Of course Cooper finds this exciting, but always just does what he has to do.

Dressage is difficult for him, because of his fear he likes to walk in his own position. A steady rider, who is patient and gives him confidence will be able to help him with this.

Cooper is for riding only suitable for a handy/experienced rider.

He is good with other horses and ponies, last visited the dentist on Feb 5, 2021. Vaccinations in order, good at the farrier, good on the trailer, can be kept outside in the stable as well as 24/7.

Reason of sale: Since I was pregnant, all horses don't get the attention they deserve. With a son of 1.5 years now we have finally made the decision, the horses deserve more than we have to offer.

ASK PRICE: € 4000,-

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