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For sale from good dressage stock, direct from the breeder:  

Stunning 3 year-old black-brown mare by Toto JR x Davino x Ferro x Houston x Donnerhall x Roemer of approx 1.63. Expected to add a few more inches. This mare can move very well with extra hind leg use and is a promise for both sport and breeding.
Is used to walking with the halter and good with the farrier. Can also be taken out of the group on your own and taken with you. Ready to get started. Has always walked at our house in a mixed herd with 24/7 possibility of movement.

Nirvanavrouwe is a descendant of the Grand Prix dressage stallion Toto JR (Totilas), who is currently enjoying a great career under Edward Gal. The mother is a Prok mare by Davino VOD Davino is among others the sire of the very closely related approved stallion Incognito. (Davino x Vivaldi x Houston).Granddam Cacharelvrouwe is PROK and D-OC. Her eldest two offspring are Z and ZZL classified and a third was recently sold to a Grand Prix rider. Behind it is the ster, preferent D-OC mare Weidevrouwe v. Houston x Mimosavrouwe keur, preferent, performance, sport v. Donnerhall x keur, preferent, performance v. Roemer. highest level performance. The horses are known for their willingness to work.

Horses from this line include:  approved stallions Incognito (s. Davino VOD),  the recently approved premium stallion Merlot (s. Bordeaux) and the stallion Amazing star, who was sold to Japan, International Grand Prix horse Glocks Undercover (by Ferro), Fergievrouwe (small tour), Heffner (ZZ-heavy), High Score (ZZL)  ;and Zhivago (heavy tour tour).

Mare is already in possession of the D-OC predicate. Both parents are WFFS free. Clinically and X-ray approved on June 4, 2021 including neck and back. Only 1 without comments.

Price range 15,000-25,000


Sire Toto JR
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Indiravrouwe
PROK stb
Sire of dam Davino V.O.D.
Dam of dam Cacharelvrouwe
s.d.d. Ferro
d.d.d. Weidevrouwe
ster, preferent D-OC