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For sale our ALL ROUND D-pony

With great difficulty we have decided to offer our sweet Skippy for sale due to the transition to our daughter's horses. Skippy is a sweet reliable affectionate gelding of just 12 years old and 1.47cm high. It is a real all-rounder!
He is Z1 +1 dressage.
Jumping M +3
SGW M +1
Due to the corona time, the competitions have stood still for quite some time, but the 1st competition in Z1 dressage he immediately had a well deserved profit point!
With jumping and SGW, our daughter competed in M with 2 profit points. At home he jumps with ease Z. 
In jumping and SGW he is sometimes a bit squint.  
With riding outside and in traffic he is very good, our daughter only rides with it in the forests.
Also with small children and as a therapy horse he is very careful and sweet.
But in the competition a rider with some experience is desirable.
He has won many prizes!

We bought him at the age of 7 from the 1st owner and we are in contact with the breeder who can inquire about his father and mother. Skippy's brother is also high in the competition. Unfortunately, no further descendant data is known. There is a KNHS passport with the latest measurements and vaccinations in it.
Skippy has never had an injury or the like with the previous owner and with us. or a stable defect.
Is easy with the farrier and dentist (recently checked by the dentist, standard 1x a year). Skippy is now used to a loose stable where he can decide for himself whether he wants to be inside or outside in summer and winter. He has also been stabled with us in the evenings and at night, but was in the paddock all day during the day. That is definitely our preference.

Skippy only goes to a new owner who offers him a super environment with other horses. Furthermore, he will probably be bored if he is not released in competition, so that is a very strong wish from us. 
Price negotiable if a good house. Price indication: € 10,000.00 - € 15,000.00
You can request more photos and videos via whatsapp.


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Sire of dam
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