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Warre BoJo
Gerben x Brandus
Level L2 +1
Stick size +/- 177

Warre BoJo is a 6 year old Frisian Ster gelding with a very sweet character . It is a horse that deserves to be the absolute number 1 for its new boss. He likes to work in the arena very much and with his three good gaits he also has a lot of potential to get further. 

Warre is a very polite and very well trained horse. Knows a few things about groundwork, is fine on the trailer, stops cleaning, washing, saddles up and getting on and off and is good at the blacksmith. 

Under the saddle, he knows the good basics and likes to work. He has a very upright canter, a big walk and a good trot! Wherever he goes, he always impresses with his appearance. 

We are looking for someone who likes to continue dressage with him because we would find it very cool, also for Warre, that he could show his talents at competitions. 

Warre now walks here in a herd of 9. With Shetlanders, ponies, a foal, his mother etc. He is very sociable. They are outside 24/7 in the summer and in the stable at night in the winter. 

!!! Grazing and companions are therefore a must!!!

Under Warre's saddle is not suitable for an insecure, anxious or wobbly rider. He is still a bit unaccustomed and a bit more tense when riding outdoors, but he is well behaved! We do it sometimes. But not with much regularity.

Accessories such as blankets, bridles can be taken over if necessary. I can also help with saddle advice. 

current photos were taken yesterday. They will be added asap. 

Views can be scheduled from the 16th due to holidays. Higher price range. 


Sire Gerben
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Trijntje van het Houkumhuis
Ster Sport IBOP AA
Sire of dam
Dam of dam