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a ridden gelding with 3 very good basic gaits and a top character ...... he's just ridden in, not scared and absolutely cool to handle, very light-footed and easy to handle a good tüv I would like to say at this point that the horse has been broken in and therefore cannot even show its full movement and we will not exhaust this either, as this has a completely negative effect on the animal's cooperation and willingness to perform, we attach more importance in the initial phase on the fact that a horse is well-behaved, relaxed, has a lot of fun at work and does not quickly get a lot of money out of a horse ....... if you are looking for an ultimate cracker, we have this but we will NOT use it to the max. ..... we sell horses and not sports machines. Please do not get it wrong, but unfortunately there are more and more bargain hunters on the way, who are looking for a horse to train and sell for dearly ........ We do not support this because we are dealing with living individuals. (X-ray images) is in front of which you can send it in advance by mail happy to contact, preferably via whattsapp

Dear customers, A few words at the end, our horses are not machines. Please understand that we cannot have customers come for the same horse every day, the horses need to rest. We also only want one customer appointment per day because the preparation is so falsified and our horses would be overwhelmed, so please do not be angry if a desired date does not work on our part. In this way we can take care of our horses, you want to buy a horse that has been properly ridden. Also, ONLY amateurs and children (not professional riders) are riding with us, so we can assess for whom which horse is suitable. We have had the best experience with this for 15 years, so everyone can ride our horses even with weaker riders you walk like that! there is no risk of the horses entering the test phase after arriving at the customer's premises. We will also NOT ride our horses forward oversized in order to exhaust every movement, that is not our way, as we are dealing with living beings here that are partly still growing. We take a lot of time for each customer and try to describe each horse as it is. Depending on this, 99% of the horses are Tüv (X-ray images) - these are all within the fully acceptable framework, since we are agents and not dealers, we only accept horses that have a good to very good Tüv. We are happy to send all X-ray images in advance by email, sometimes an AKU is already available (with blood on ice) if not, we will do this as part of the purchase. Our breeders, who would like to bring the horses to us for sale, also like to contact the new owner after the sale. Please note these points.


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