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Do you really want to stand out in the ring?! Then take a look at this eye-catcher!! 

Napoli stands out because of its super nice neck position and blond mane and tail. A picture to see. You rarely see them so handsome!

We have trained Napoli ourselves from unlearned to good saddle. He is very eager to learn and very sweet and good to deal with. Also super social with other horses. He runs away before going against another horse. 

He is currently measuring +/- 1.63 meters. The rider is 1.70 meters. Because of his super nice build and neck position, his height is not noticeable at all. 

Napoli excels especially in the canter. In the trot he is getting more and more contact with him and he is becoming more and more spacious. What a real promise for the future! In the walk he can learn to relax a little more and take his hand with him. 

Napoli has even been on a field trip when he is 3 years old. Super good! But also in handling, farrier, etc. a real example. 

He is fully approved both clinically and radiographically without remarks. It has no flaws. 

Napoli falls into the high price range.

For more information: 06 2428036


Sire Inspire
Sire of sire Everdale
s.s.s. Lord Leatherdale
m.s.s. Aliska K
Dam of sire Don Furstia C-Two
d.s.d. Don Romantic
m.m.s. Furst Donia C-Two
Mother Jonkvrouw-Alina
Sire of dam Bentley VDL
s.s.d. Larix
m.s.m. Konnie
Dam of dam Vorstin=Alina
s.d.d. Manno
d.d.d. Freulalina