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This baby's name is Tootsie, she was born on 15-06-2012, and is approximately 1.45m. It is round and baroque and therefore also suitable for an adult. Because she can also be ridden by children here makes her that makes an ideal family horse. She is nice to deal with sweet and very eager to learn, she is not lazy, responds well to your aids. she is too trailer and traffic mak.                                 

We've had a full Haflinger for 27 years, Holly, and Tootsy looks exactly like her. Still, something else from cold blood can go in her sitting.         

Tootsie is social with other horses and loves get attention. She has 3 nice gaits. She is free from stable defects.                

Including recent inspection report including blood sample where it is approved for sport, inspected by a recognized horse vet, which means that the horse is immediately covered by your insurer included. She is in possession of a passport with chip and has been vaccinated. Is recently been to the dentist, including recent dental report.                

Tootsie is beautiful to look at and has an even beautiful heart. She had taken a little too good care of herself a while ago and we thought she was having a foal, but after the vet check up we knew that was not the case .              

Tootsy is a healthy, very nice, sweet tough mare, which her new owner will have a lot of fun with!         

It reservation of this horse may be possible, take a look at our website?


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