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Chanel VD Dassenheide Z
Born on 10/04/2019
Registered at studbook Zangersheide

Cornet Obolensky x Diamant de Semilly x Laudanum XX

Chanel VD Dassenheide Z is the full sister by the approved stallion Casanova VD Dassenheide Z (4 years old), who is currently at stud in America.
She is also a half-sister of several good horses:
      - Angela de Kreisker (1m50)   
      - Alto de Kreisker (1m45)   
      - Excellence HDS (ggk stallion, 1m35) 
      - Edouard HDS (1m20)   
      - Angelo de Kreisker (1m20) 

Mother Shakira de Kreisker herself jumped very successfully at 1m45 level and is the FULL SISTER of the former number 1 horse in the world QUICKLY DE KREISKER!< br>She is also a half-sister to a number of good horses:
   - Javelot d'Helby (ggk stallion, 1m60)
   - Kouros d'Helby (ggk stallion, 1m60)
   - Flirt d'Helby (ggk stallion, 1m50)
   - Iliade d'Helby (1m50)
   - Orlane d'Helby (1m50)
Grandmother Briseis d'Helby is a half sister of a number of very good horses:
   - Uhlan du roihinet (1m50)
   - Dolmen d'Helby (1m50)
   - Isis d'Helby (1m40)
She is also the grandmother of several very well performing horses:
   - Dubai du Cedre (1m55)
   - Taiga d'Helby (1m50)
   - Estoril du Cedre (ggk stallion, 8yo, 1m45)
   - Uliade d'Helby (1m40)
   - Eljadida du Cedre (8yo, 1m40)
   - Escobar de Kreisker (8yo, 1m40)
   - Firenze du Cedre (ggk stallion, 7yo, 1m35)
   - Gloria de Kreisker (6yo, 1m35)
   - ...

Also come from this dam line: Jumpy de Kreisker (1m60), Loro piana Once de Kreisker (1m60), Kirfa de Kreisker (1m60), Quisling de Kreisker (1m60), Quito de Kerglenn (1m60), Shana de Kerglenn (1m55), Liberto de Kreisker (ggk stallion, 1m50), Betyboy de Kreisker (1m50), Quandice de Kerglenn (1m45), Helisa de Kreisker (1m45), Fakir de Kreisker (ggk stallion , 1m40), Quinoa de Kreisker (1m40), Olympe de Kerglenn (1m40), Qaresse de Kreisker (1m40), ...

Chanel is in order with vaccinations and deworming. 
More info via whatsapp: 0032(0)472/72.18.43

Clinically and X-ray approved. Very interesting mare, both for sport and breeding!

Higher price range.
Please contact us only if you are seriously interested.

Photo 1: Chanel VD Dassenheide Z 
Photo 2: Full brother Cassanova VD Dassenheide Z 
Photo 3-4: Mother Shakira de Kreisker
Photo 5: Half brother Excellence HDS (Glocks London x Shakira de Kreisker  , approved stallion)

Video 1: Angela de Kreisker (Clinton x Shakira de kreisker)
Video 2: Emilio VD Dassenheide Z (Epleaser Z x Shakira de Kreisker)
Video 3: Elouise VD Dassenheide Z ( Eldorado van de Zeshoek x Shakira de kreisker , sold for 28,000 euros)


Sire Cornet Obolensky
Sire of sire Clinton
s.s.s. Corrado I
m.s.s. Urte
Dam of sire Rabanna van Costersveld
d.s.d. Heartbreaker
m.m.s. Holivea van Costersveld
Mother Shakira de Kreisker
Sire of dam Diamant de Semilly
s.s.d. Le tot de Semilly
m.s.m. Venise des Cresles
Dam of dam Briseis d'Helby
s.d.d. Laudanum XX
d.d.d. Nika du Nevada