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HUGE HANDSOME TALENTED E PONY FOR SALE!!!🤩🤩🤩 This handsome gelding is looking for a new home due to the transition from pony to horse. Houston is a 9 year old gelding with a golden character. He is genuinely the sweetest there is and he thinks everything is good. Couldn't release much officially due to Corona, but went on the road a lot and drove many (unofficial) competitions and training sessions and practice crosses. So he is very all-round. His favorite activity is racing in the woods, beach, outdoor rides and crosses, he likes it a lot and can do it well. He is also a real star in dressage (also because of his pedigree) but he prefers not to do that 5 days a week. It hurts us a lot to sell him and we are really looking for a 5 🌟 house for him, riding stables and traders do not have to respond at all. He is a horse who likes variety and who likes to go out a lot. I have learned a lot from him in recent years and a nice young competition rider could also do that from him! He has B experience jumping (in training L) and (B experience in dressage (I don't like dressage so that's why I didn't play any further) but he easily walks M dressage in training and has also been on a lot of cross training and practice crosses with him and there does she really love it! I also go to the woods with him every week in a group of 2/3/4 and he thinks this is super fun but still very exciting on his own. With others there is no problem and nothing is too scary for him. - higher price range For more photos and videos and information you can send an app to: 06 18566479


Sire Don Cremello Du Bois
Sire of sire
Dam of sire
Mother Heuvel Miami
Sire of dam
Dam of dam