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This is our beautiful black apparition Emmy. v Zonik x 007 
Emmy was bred by us and trained at our home. She has had plenty of time to develop, and still,  to the fine riding horse she already is.
She is familiar with natural horsemanship, and has followed this entire training neatly, up to and including breaking the saddle. At the moment she can be driven at about B/L level.
She is super good, has a good go and always wants to work!
She is also very good in handling, blacksmith, loading trailer and so on gives no problem at all.
She is with us day and night in a free-range stable with several horses. Geldings and mares together, she really likes this!
Despite the fact that Emmy is super easy and good to ride, we would like to keep it that way. That is why we are looking for someone who wants to further her but above all who can train her. 
We think that someone with sufficient experience with young horses  and/or natural horsemanship could be a perfect match for her!
We believe that she has all the potential to go very far in the sport, the movement, the looks and certainly the mentality !

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Sire Zonik
Sire of sire Blue hors Zack
s.s.s. Rousseau
m.s.s. Jazz
Dam of sire Romanik
d.s.d. Romanov
m.m.s. Blue hors Don Schufro
Mother Donna
Sire of dam 00 Seven
s.s.d. Rubinstein 1
Dam of dam
s.d.d. Don Primero