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Verdoni's Orion
Everdale x Zardando x Don Renoir
Ruin, 11-04-2019,
Unlearned 100% X-ray approved including back and neck. Currently 1.68 cm is still overbuilt, will be well above 1.70 cm Orion was born on 11-04-2019.

He has been handled a lot as a foal which is clearly visible now that he is home. Lift your feet, put on tendon hoods, put on the blanket. Everything is fine. He has also been to the dentist. Orion has been to the Belgian foal inspection (because of grandmother's pedigree). He was part of the leading group and received an invitation for the national inspection. Unfortunately, he was not allowed to participate here because he has a KWPN passport.

Mother Iblesse first received Orion at the age of 6, then she was broken into a saddle and entered the sport. She is trained at Z level at home. The mother of Iblesse is none other than the mare Coblesse vd Kempenhoeve, (out of the famous breeding of Vd Kempenhoeve) the champion mare of Belgium. Her first offspring, Condiblesse vd Kempenhoeve, started PSG successfully and is being trained for the GP. Another descendant of hers is Joblesse, the full sister of Iblesse. She was sold to America at a young age. Orion is good to deal with, and has a lot of potential for a bright future in the sport. Video on request Please only answer by phone 0636431338


Sire Everdale
Sire of sire Lord leatherdale
Grand prix
Dam of sire
Mother Iblesse
Stb exe
Sire of dam Zardando
Dam of dam