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9 year old dressage horse 
1,65 and L2 +profit. 
Herdis is a beautiful mare by the stallion Johnson. 
It is a nice and good horse to handle and loves the attention.
Under the saddle she is good but very alert, which makes her not suitable for the fearful rider/Amazon. 
She is nice to ride and good with the aids, but needs confidence in her rider/Amazon .
She is good at the farrier, shearing, in hand.
She is released in the L2 but has shoulder in and counter canter.
On the trailer she is good but needs encouragement. Comes weekly.
She has a small defect and that is that her knees sometimes lock, but with good fittings and training this can be kept under control.

Herdis is Prok approved (2016) and neck and back also approved. Re-approval is allowed k.k

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Sire Johnson
Sire of sire Jazz
s.s.s. Cocktail
m.s.s. Contender
Dam of sire Roxane
d.s.d. Flemmingh
m.m.s. Ahorn
Mother Nevada
Sire of dam Contango
s.s.d. Charmante
Adisa lll
Dam of dam Eclair
s.d.d. Catharin
d.d.d. Petite fleur