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Very chic talented small horse for sale!

I hereby offer my very talented 7-year-old gelding 'Altrido Ciolanda's Jasper' (nickname Jappie).
After 4 very nice years it is time to let go of Jappje and make someone else happy with this great little horse.

In 2017 I saddled Jappie myself and trained him to where he is now. It is always a pleasure to ride him and he picks up everything very quickly.

A year and a half ago, Jappie recovered from a tendon injury, which lasted a few months. He is 100% healed and can and can do everything again. So there is nothing more to notice. He did, however, have some minor cosmetic flaws on his leg. However, this does not bother you if you see him under saddle.

I am classified Z1 with Jappie and he has won several competitions/competitions a.o.
- Great field equestrian trophy
- 2x the field rider competition
- Multiple times club champion
- 2nd prize at the Hullen Bokaal
- 5th at the Utrecht championships in the class M1
- Participated twice in the National New Forest day in Ermelo and took first prize both times. Last September in class Z1.

Jappie can also jump very well, but because the rider has more ambition with dressage, he is not very good at this (B jumping between the horses).
He goes to the dentist every year and gets his vaccinations and is always well maintained by the farrier. It easily loads on the trailer and goes with you to the club lesson every week.
When Jappie was 3 years old, he went with us to the forest without any problems and we already went on beach rides with him, where he led into the sea. He is also good for traffic.

Pedeline: Altrido Amy's Glamor X Ciolanda D

In short, a very nice, chic and very talented pony.

Jappie is certainly not in the way and will only leave with the right click and a 5 star house.
Price on request.
ps. Rider in the photo is 1.68


Sire Altrido Amy's Glamour
Sire of sire Esse Golden Bigwig
Dam of sire Hali's Amely
Mother Ciolanda D
Sire of dam Manno
Dam of dam Violanda D