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Black, handsome and talented!!

Riverdance descends from a mare line to die for!!!
A guarantee for healthy and talented dressage horses.

If you are looking for a foal for the future higher dressage work, you cannot miss this opportunity!

From the mare line of the approved stallions KONING (by Governor) and GRAND GALAXY WIN T (by Apache).

NB: The mare in the video is a surrogate mare!

Mother is the Elite, PROK, Sport-dr., ZZ-light classified and NMK finalist Zippy Top T (. Rousseau). She produced, among others, the ZZ-light classified Jive (by Charmeur), the 2nd viewing stallion Moondance (by Fürst Romancier) and the Elite, Sport-dr. and PSG/Inter I classified mare Dance on Jazz (by Jazz).

Grandmother is the Elite, Preferent, Performance, PROK, Sport-dr. and Z2 classified mare Topic (by Goodtimes). She was the champion of the Central Inspection in Veghel. In addition to Zippy Top T, she produced the Ster mare Canada Top T (by Oscar), the provisional Keur, D-OC mare Louisiana Top T (by Vivaldi) and the Elite, Preferente, Sport-dr mares Atlanta Top T (by. Flemmingh), Bolivia Top T (by Florencio), Dallas Top T (by Valdez) and the Elite, Sport-dr, Prok mare Florida Top T.  Atlanta Top T entered the sport at ZZ-light level and Bolivia Top T produced the mare Gucci Boa T (by Bretton Woods) who in turn is the birthplace of the KWPN approved stallion Koning (by Governor).

Great-granddam is the Elite, Preferent, Performance, PROK, Sports Dr. mare Magnate (by Zeolliet).  She produced the PSG/Inter I classified horse Volvo (by Jazz), the Elite, Preferente, Performance, D-OC and ZZ-light classified mare Zeester T (by Jazz) and the Elite, Preferente, Performance, IBOP -dr, Sport-dr. mare Winner T.  She produced the ZZ-heavy classified Infinity Win T (by Everdale), the PSG/Inter I classified Entertainer Win T (by Rousseau) and the KWPN approved stallion Grand Galaxy Win T (by Apache) .


Father is the Totilas son Total MacLaren. He comes out of the daughter of two-time Bundeschampion Silberaster OLD. Total MacLaren is the true discovery of the KWPN stallion selection 2020, where the extremely beautiful and fantastic long-legged black with his elegant appearance and three, above all, high-quality basic gaits, managed to attract all eyes. He turned out to be the absolute crowd pleaser. This state-of-the-art stallion has also secured the utmost performance genes through his grandmother Silberaster. 

Total MacLaren was also approved in Denmark and also completed his performance test here with the expected highlights in the basic gaits and Rittigkeit and a total score of 807 ,0 points. His legendary sire Totilas, who won the Gold medal twice at the European Championships in 2009 and three times at the World Equestrian Games in 2010, needs no further explanation. The grandmother, the Staatprämien and Elite mare Silberaster OLD, was the champion mare in Oldenburg and two-time Bundes- en Landes champion. She also won the bronze medal under Helen Langehanenberg as a 5-year-old at the 2008 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.  In breeding, Silberaster produced the successful Grand Prix horse Fürst Oldenburg owned by Holga Finken and the S-dressage horse Q Silberaster's Quaterback (s. quarterback). Silberaster OLD itself is a full sister of the successful Small Tour horse Serpico and half sister of the approved stallion Reiter-Traum. 


Sire Total MacLaren
Sire of sire Totilas
Grand Prix
s.s.s. Grbaldi
Grand Prix
m.s.s. Lominka
Elite, Preferent, Prestatie
Dam of sire Deja Vu
d.s.d. De Niro
Grand Prix
m.m.s. Silberaster OLD
Mother Zippy Top T
Elite, PROK, Sport-dr. , ZZL
Sire of dam Rousseau
s.s.d. Ferro
Grand Prix
m.s.m. Zsuzsa
Ster, Preferent, Prestatie, Sport-dr
Dam of dam Topic
Elite, Preferent, Prestatie, Prok, Sport-dr. Z2
s.d.d. Goodtimes
d.d.d. Magnaat
Eliter, Preferent, Prestatie, Sport-dr., Prok, Z2