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Dakini is the name of this unique and beautiful appearance. She was born on 05-05-2007 and measures approximately 1.62m. She has an nice and big, round, baroque build. She has a beautiful special brown color and Appaloosa drawing. Dakini is really a picture to see, and still has is a nice sturdy build, making it easy to carry taller people.                    
She is very social here with other horses and likes to play with other horses. Dakini is in the handling and driving sober, she used to be mainly outside taken, and therefore has to learn a bit more in the tank.                

She didn't have to do that much in her life, because her owner was unfortunately struggling with health problems. because of this With her you get a horse that is still top fit and has not suffered too much. They has a very strong frame and legs.                  

While driving, she is well-behaved here. We are also busy with groundwork with her, so that she will learn more dressage walk. She has 3 spacious corridors and sits comfortably and stably through her baroque construction.                              

Dakini is in possession of a passport with chip, is neatly vaccinated with her old owner and has recently been dewormed. Including recent inspection report including blood sample where she is approved for the sport, inspected by a recognized equine veterinarian, which means that the horse is immediately admitted by your insurer. She has recently expanded treated at the dentist, making her very well!                 

You can use her for multiple purposes, for breeding she is of course also very interesting! She has a rare appearance.              

Who can this cutie go with 🙂               

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