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Hi maybe new owner,

It is with great pain and effort that I am selling my Harley pony, because I cannot give it the attention and time it deserves. He is a 15 year old fjord gelding with a Danish passport. Born in Denmark on 28-04-2006. He measures +- 1.46 meters. ** Gift Halsnaes x **Orjar 

Characteristics: friendly, careful, honest and willing to work.

- Harley has a passport
- Trailer loading is no problem
- Farrier is no problem
- Dentist is no problem
- Has no stable defects
- Does not suffer from summer eczema
- Harley is a submissive horse and therefore gets along well with other horses

Harley and I have done a lot of horsemanship and he is really good at it! He knows the seven games by Pat Parelli very well.

We had to stop driving for a long time because he had laminitis. As a result, he is no longer suitable for sports. He is sensitive when driving, he responds well to your aids and wants to do his best for you. I also use horsemanship while riding. In addition, we ride on the method of classical dressage. In general more groundwork has been done with him than driving. Unfortunately I have not done much with it in the last six months besides the daily care. His condition must therefore be rebuilt.  Harley is familiar with hand work, lungeing and freedom dressage.

Because he has had laminitis, his feed ration has to be adjusted accordingly. He can at least go out on the meadow and then it is better with a grazing mask.  He is used to being outside 24/7. He would be very suitable for a paddock paradise.

Harley is suitable for someone who has experience with horses, who enjoys riding in the woods, occasionally takes a lesson and enjoys horsemanship and other ground work.

Can you give him a home where well-being comes first? Send me a message.

No traders or riding schools!


Sire ** Cadeau Halsnaes
Sire of sire ** Orjar
s.s.s. * Radar
m.s.s. * Tuna
Dam of sire * Tea Halsnaes
d.s.d. * Orion Halsnaes
m.m.s. * Koket Halsnaes
Mother Kastanielystens Kandis
Sire of dam ** Birk Halsnaes
s.s.d. ** Pikant Halsnaes
m.s.m. ** Julie Halsnaes
Dam of dam * Kastanielystens Gry
s.d.d. ** Kvik Halsnaes
d.d.d. ** Reia